Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ay, yay, yay!!!!

We arrived in San Jose in the late afternoon. At 6pm, the kids all entered the large dining room, dressed to kill. The girls looked lovely in their dresses, the guys looked sharp in buttoned-down shirts. They were ready to dance. Unfortunately, the Salsa instructor was in a car accident en route to the "gig". Fortunately, he was not hurt. So, after dinner, we cut the rug!

I won't name all the steps we learned (because I don't know how to spell them). Fun was had by all. Since we had to get up early this morning (5:45), it was relatively early to bed. Today, they'll come down to breakfast in their concert dress. After performing at a private high school, they'll change into t-shirts and shorts for our trip to the Institute of Biodiversity.


Ms Moss asked me to send this message along. Tomorrow, she'll be sending notes to you via this blog about our travel progress. So, you'll have two ways to receive news. You'll be getting eblasts from ABFOM, and/or you can check this site for info and updates.


  1. Hi David,

    Thank you so much for the blog. It was really terrific being able to follow your experiences. I bet the dancing was fun. I hope someone got videos too. Have safe travels back home.
    Ana's Mom

  2. Hi David - Thanks so much for the Blog and Photos! Natalies Gram & Nono and Uncle John all say HOLA! We know you are having a terrific time! To all of you remember this time it only comes but once! Make memories!!!!!
    Rob & Cindy C. (Natties Mom and Dad)

  3. Thanks David for the great updates. The concerts clearly have been wonderfully received. What a great experience. Have a safe ride home. Get psyched for some warm New England days (and cold nights). Can't wait to hear stories and see photos. Say hi to Ali and Jenna. Jude

  4. Debra / wordslingerFebruary 24, 2011 at 5:06 PM

    Y'all best have shot some mean video of that dance party! Have a wonderful last evening . . .

  5. I like to thank you all for making this trip a wonderful experience for all kids and for all the updates also.I can't wait for Stephanie to come home and tell me all the details and see the pictures.I love you honey and I miss you. Have safe trip back home everyone. Steph's Mom :)