Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hello from the Costa Rica Concert Tour Blogger

Hi all,

A week from now, we'll be in buses en route to our "swank" hotel in Arenal. I can almost smell the warm breezes.

I'm Hannah Simes' dad, David Gerratt. Ms. Moss has asked me to serve as the official blogger for the trip. During the week, I'll do some reporting of the days' activities, I'll invite some of your kids to send messages home, and I'll be uploading photos.

Given our very full schedule, I'll most likely be blogging late in the day.

Can't wait to be reporting to you from Costa Rica! Signing off, until then......


  1. Looking forward to this great adventure with these wonderful and talented students!
    -Wendy Linden, chaperone and Matt's mom

  2. Theresa Brown
    Dear Theresa,
    We wish you a happy 18th birthday. We also wish you were here so we could give you a big hug. Hope you are having a wonderful time.
    Love, Grandma, Grandfather and Uncle John