Saturday, February 19, 2011

The long road to here

Hi all,

We are all tired but happy. We're sitting in an enormous, open-air dining at the hotel.

The second legs for the two smaller flights were relatively uneventful. The bigger flight changed gates, twice. It turns out the plane on which we were scheduled to fly was considered unfit. But as the pilot said, "It's better to be on the ground wishing you were in the air than to be in the air wishing you were on the ground!" Agreed.

The ride from the airport was gorgeous. Coffee plants, plantains, Holsteins, bananas. The nearly three-hour ride took a lot of turns. Imagine the curviest road you've ever traveled. Then double the twists and turns and you can begin the feel what it was like.

Our local hosts are wonderful. We got a bit of local history as we traveled.

The hotel is a series of bungalos. Each grouping of kids has its own little building. Covers a LOT of real estate. The accommodations seem quite comfortable.

Early tomorrow, we head out to go zip-lining. The kids do their first performance (if you don't count singing on the plane) tomorrow evening in a local church we passed en route to the hotel.

All is well.


  1. wow!!!! Savor every minute you guys:)

    Heather and Chris

  2. Enjoy the warmth and beauty!

    Oliver's Dad