Tuesday, February 22, 2011

And we thought they couldn't get any cuter

This morning, after breakfast, we prepared for a day away from the hotel. En route to our many adventures, we stopped at a long bridge overlooking a slow-moving river. Down below, we could view several (I think I heard someone count fourteen) very large crocodiles. They varied in size, but the biggest had to have been a dozen feet or more.

Then we drove for a couple of hours, landing in a neighborhood filled with narrow streets. Clearly, just bringing our massive buses through these neighborhoods was an "event." We arrived at an elementary school where the entire student body was awaiting our arrival in what looked like an outdoor shelter. There was a metal roof and chain link fencing all around. After serving us fresh fruits and ice cold drinks, the pre-schoolers, wearing pristine white costumes, did several dances for us. Our choruses followed with our most up-beat and playful numbers. At the end, our full chorus was singing "Sign, Sealed, Delivered" while pulling a bunch of the school kids from the floor to dance with them. Many of our kids were absolutely smitten. We had to pick up our melted hearts off the floor as we departed.

The national park was nearby. When the buses dropped us off, we walked along several gorgeous beaches, ending at the last, and most private, of them. It was a beautiful spot. But due to a number of circumstances, our stay way brief. And, since we were all looking forward to some more pool time back at the hotel, we headed back.

After some lovely pool time, including many cold drinks and snacks, we cleaned up for dinner and shared birthday cakes. Mariel and Jesse both celebrated their birthday today!

In a few minutes, four members of Chuckle Sandwich, AB's improv troupe, will be performing on the hotel's stage. They've gone international. Tomorrow, we take off for San Jose.


  1. Thanks again for the great blog, David! Please send our love to Cody!

  2. Great photos. Sounds like a great trip. Hope you're having fun Max. - Mom and George

  3. Hi Steph,I miss you. I can't wait for you to come home.I hope you're having fun.Mom and Daddy loves you. Thanks David. - Steph's Mom