Wednesday, February 23, 2011

From the bus logs

Max: Hi Mom and George, it's amazing. Enjoy the pictures and see you in a few days.

Gabi: Hi Mama, I hope you're have fun and I hope you and Olivia have a good time tomorrow. Say hi to Dani and Dad if he's there.

Rachel: Hey Frazee Fam! Costa Rica is beautiful! I miss you all! I wish you could see this place. So far, ziplining and the concert with the elementary schools has been my favorite. See you soon.

Amanda S: Hi Mom, It's so amazing here. Can you sign me up for summer gym? Thinking about staying here forever. Miss you! Thinking about staying forever. Miss you!

Julia M: It's sooooo beautiful here!

Caroline: Costa Rica is amazing.

Lauren: Hi Family! Our concert for the elementary school was absolutely heartwarming. The kids were adorable! The views here are breathtaking!

Kathleen S.: Hi Family, I miss you all. It's gorgeous here. Great restaurants here!

KC: Hola from Costa Rica! It is lovely here! I wish you were all here. And don't worry mom, I'm taking plenty of pictures for you.

Maeve: I haven't lost anything yet! Hurray!

Chrissy: You would be so proud of me! I haven't gotten burned yet! I haven't had time to miss anyone. Everything is absolutely breathtaking. Kiss Baggy and Grandie for me.

Jessie W: Guess where I am? I love it and I love singing and I love you!

Elena: Have fun skiing. I just went swimming Miss you.

Katy E: Coat Rica is incredible! We just sang for an elementary school and it was such a special performance! I hope you all are doing well back in the U.S. Hannah, congrats on the driver's license!

More soon........

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