Sunday, February 20, 2011

Breakfast and Shout Outs!

First and foremost, fantastic food (and coffee)!

Zip-lining soon. But for now, here are some shout-outs from the happy throngs!

Teteia says: Hi molm and Dad. I'm okay and having fun and this is the best experience of my life, so thank you. And, I miss you.

Kaileigh says: Hi mom, dad and Sarah. Made it through the airport okay. No luggage lost. I's so beautiful here. I'm having a great time. Miss you guys already. Love.

Serena says: I'm happy and alive. (Serena said that was all you wanted to know.)

Leah says: It's absolutely gorgeous here.

Jess says: Um, mom.It's so different here than it was last time.

Paul says: Hi to mom and dad and Jack. And I love you.

Sammy says: I miss my family and my dog. I can't wait to see you again.

Cody: says: Miss you mom and dad. Have fun in Florida Tommy.

Maddy: Hi Franny and Allison. We love you. (And, by the way, we love our dads too!)

Ali and Jenna: Hi dad and mom. We love you.

Lindsay says: Hi mom dad and Katelyn. I love and miss you.

Julia Migner says: I miss my family. It is beautiful here.

Amanda Sidwell says: Hi mom. There's a kitten outside our door all the time. Love Amanda.

Kelsey says: Hi mom. Hi Dad. I miss you. Love Kelsey.

Lucy says: Hi guys. I miss you and I miss Lola. It's really nice here. But I really wish I'd brought a raincoat. PS I hope my room is going well.

Rachel and Avery: We thought we heard a monkey on our roof last night.

Shona: Mom, I hope you feel better. I miss you. Have fun in the freezing weather.

Nicole: Hi mom. It's really nice here. I've seen some stray cats running around and some really pretty horses. Give my cat a kiss for me. and I love you.

Giselle: Hi mom and dad and the best birthday gift you give me is to relax on my birthday.

Daria: Hi mom. Hope you are feeling all right. Hope you got the new car. Hi dad, miss you. You would love this place, it's beautiful.


  1. David - Thanks for the wonderful news - Enjoy!

  2. Thanks for the updates. Good to see that the kids are having a great time already. Enjoy the warm weather.
    -- Meghana's mom :)

  3. Fun to get the messages. Lucy room all painted, hope your track jacket serves as a good enough raincoat, but hope not too much rain. Hope the zipline is your zippiest yet!

    Thanks Dave for the fun blogging!

  4. Thanks for the blogs!! Interesting how it's hard to get used to not being "connected" 24/7. I know you will all have a great time thanks to awesome leadership and kids!!

  5. Hi Bebe,I'm so happy you are having fun! I miss you too. Say hello to everyone.Enjoy!!!! (thanks Dave for the news) Steph's Mom :)

  6. Hi Giselle and the Choral Group,

    Thanks for the Blog updates. Enjoy your stay and activities.

    Mom and Dad

  7. Thanks so much for the blogs, David! It's great to read about what you're all up to! Cody, we miss you and are glad you're having a great time!