Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More from the bus logs

James: The children are so cute! They all were smiling and all seemed so happy to see us!

Serena: Favorite part of the trip! The kids were so amazing and adorable and so excited to see us. It was unbelievable!

Maddie F: The kids looked at us like we were celebrities.

Lucy: It was the best part of the trip so far. It reminded me that kids are the same wherever you go. They just wanted to immerse themselves in us.

Tim: Hi mom, having the time of my life.

Lori: Singing at the elementary school was so inspirational! It makes me happy that our singing can brighten people's day. I couldn't stop smiling.

Katie: It's really great knowing that people love our msuic that much! I love being here and I am learning Spanish!!

Cullan: It's so beautiful here and we have gotten to do so many things in a such a short time! This is an amazing trip.

Emily H: I am loving it here. We have done so many cool things The kids at the school absolutely loved our music and we loved them!

Cami: Costa Rica is amazing! I loved the kids and singing for them. Best experience.

Dipti: I has been an amazing expereince so far from ziplining to singing for the kids. I love it!

Akhil: Costa Rica is great! I bet the neighbors know my name.

Amanda C: Costa Rica is stupendous! Today we sang at an elementary school and they were so excited to see us, it was adorable and mae my day.

Jess: I have made sooooo many Costa Rican friends!

Caitlin B: The nature and views are breathtaking and the air is so fresh. It's amazing to see how much oru audiences, especially the elementary school kids, enjoy the music. Mos tof them don't understand any of the lyrics, but they love it! It's incredible to see how music transcends language barriers.

Ana R: I love Costa Rica. I had a lot of fun singing at the mass and singing for the children All of it has been amazing and empowering.

Sarah L: This day twas one of the best days ever. It shall be put on the top ten days list (that I have in my head). And to top it off, an eight-year-old Costa Rican girl gave me a flourescently green lollopop.

Lexi: Today I had the experience of a lifetime. Even though we live completely different lives, some Costa rican girls and I had the best conversation in Spanish. One girl, in particular, Netty, was so outgoing to me. She told me about herself and even gave me a lollipop. When we were doing our final number, I brought her up to dance with me. That was probably the best thing ever because we were both laughing and dancing. When we fially had to leave, in Spanish, she said that she never wants me to go because I'm her best friend. I will never forget today.


  1. Thank you for writing this blog! :) It's great to hear about the Chorus' Adventures!

    A message for Emily Hatch:
    Hóla Emilia! :) Estoy contenta que oye que estés muy bien! Gózate en el sol y mar. Besos y Abrasos,
    Su hermanita, Jessica.

  2. The blog is great, looks like a blast! Where's my shout out from Rachael Rose?

  3. Thanks again for this blog. We almost feel like we're there with you.
    We love you and miss you!
    The Browns

  4. Mr. Gerratt,

    Thank you so much for providing this glimpse into the adventure the kids are having.

    Please tell Theresa Brown that her Aunt Dani & Uncle Ned say HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY!!!

    Thank you! We wish you all a safe trip home!

  5. Hi Melanie, The pictures you have on the blog are really beautiful. The place and country have a lot to offer to the tourist. How is your arm? Your father thinks that it would be nice to have one of the monkeys come home with you.
    Grama Signor.

  6. Hey Akhil,

    We are in Arenal. Missing you, especially Anusha.


  7. Theresa Brown
    Dear Theresa,
    We wish you a happy 18th birthday. We also wish you were here so we could give you a big hug. Hope you are having a wonderful time.
    Love, Grandma, Grandfather and Uncle John

  8. Love reading this blog bottom to top...very moving comments about music transcending barriers, and making friends. Sounds so rich and green, too.

    If you see this in Costa Rica, tell Maddie: Guess what! Today is Feb. 24!


  9. Hi Ana,

    Can't wait to hear about zip lining! (Like THAT'S in MY future? Yeah! Sure!) Sounds like you're having a ball.